Top 15 Beaches to Visit in South Carolina

South Carolina occupies 2,876 miles of the tidal coastline. Being a definite choice for everyone visiting the United States, South Carolina attracts a huge number of the population because of its pristine and serene beaches. It is difficult for travelers to only visit to one beach, as South Carolina offers a huge number of beaches and one can’t really leave the State without visiting at least 5 of them. South Carolina is the ideal destination for couples, family and friendly get-together. The wind refreshes you and takes you to a fairy world; the glistening and shining sand is something which is hard to forget. Beaches of South Carolina locks the memories forever in your mind. Althouhj Folly and Edisto are some of the well known beaches in South Carolina, here are a few more which are equally popular among tourists.

Folly Beach

Folly BeachSource: Judy Gallagher/FlickrPin

Folly Beach county park lies on the west of the Folly Island in South Carolina. There are many beaches on Folly Island but Folly beach remains the best among all of them. Folly beach is enjoyed by travelers as the beach extends 6 miles and no matter where you look, you will find peace.

The welcoming nature of the Folly beach is indeed slow, making you want to slow down your life and refresh your mind with the mesmerizing breeze. The southern culture offered by the people here is extremely warm and makes you feel comfortable and in no time you would feel at home.

Not only is the beach serene and peaceful, it even helps to tickle the adrenaline rush of yours by offering various water sports: kayaking, sea surfing, fishing, jet-skiing, parasailing and many more. You can visit Folly Beach with your partner or with a group of 20. It sure has a lot to offer and give you memories for a lifetime.

Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s IslandSource: sullivansislandscproperty/FacebookPin

Sullivan’s Island is a beach which is unspoiled and well looked after. Sullivan’s Island does not really have a lot to offer when it comes to swimming. The waves have deadly currents in them which makes it extremely difficult to go for a swim or even just sit by the beach and enjoy the waters for a long time.

This Island has many other things to offer though. If you are looking for peace and tranquility this is the exact place for you. You will be awestruck with its beautiful sunset and won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Uncrowded nature of the Island allows you to go for long and beautiful walks and spend your day lazing away.

Places you can visit in this Island are Fort Moultrie, which is a national monument and has overwhelming history to be discovered by you. Sullivan’s Islands Lighthouse is another vivid attraction for the travelers visiting this exquisite Island, it stands 140 feet tall and has an unusually slim and triangular pattern. You can enjoy paddling by renting a paddle boat also you can go kiteboarding, surfing and much more. Falling in love with this tranquil beach is inevitable.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle BeachSource: Peter Miller/FlickrPin

The inviting warm waters of Myrtle Beach is an extremely popular spot for travelers traveling with their family. It is probably one of the most popular beaches in the states. Kids and adults visiting Myrtle Beach can indulge in several activities offered by this exciting place.

There is an amusement park located in the center of Myrtle Beach known as the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, offering exciting rides for the adults and the kids. Beaches can be monotonous and boring at times, but not exactly the same happens when you are at Myrtle Beach as there are many more things which will definitely attract you if plan to step out from the regular beach fun. A Beach Safari surely does seem inviting if you are in Myrtle Beach.

The Beach Safari is a tour for people in its 50 acres of wildlife preservation. Variety of animals can be seen in this tour such as; Orangutans, Tigers, Chimpanzees and several other endangered species. The Waves of this Island is knee high and can give you a relaxing experience.

This beach also offers a lot of water sports like surfing, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Scuba Diving, Parasailing and many more. The food of this particular beach is extremely mouth-watering, best among them are obviously the local ones. Myrtle Beach has 50 mini golf courses. Myrtle Beach with its rich culture, food and a number of activities for the adults and kids is definitely ideal for a cozy, zealous and fun beach getaway.

Pawleys Island

Pawleys IslandSource: Adam/FlickrPin

Pawleys Island remains famous for its sand dunes, with its wide beaches and silvery sand this beach had to grab the attention of people with a miraculous vision.

The main reason to visit this beach is because of its not so touristy nature. It stays uncrowded during the seasons when beaches are most visited, like the spring break! This beach is also famous for its beautiful and lovely Brookgreen Garden, it is one of the world’s most beautiful gardens.

The garden has a lot more to offer along with its enchanted forest like look. You can stroll and meet different animals as well, at the local zoo. You can even go Go-Karting at the famous Broadway Grand Prix. The hidden impulses in you can go take a ride and explore! You can even go fishing, surfing, kayaking and spend long hours sitting on the beach and keeping all your worldly worries aside. Pawley’s Island is a unique beach in its own godlike ways.

Edisto Beach

Edisto BeachSource: edistobeachdotcom/FacebookPin

Edisto Beach is absolutely a non-commercial beach for peace lovers and explorers. This beach is not crowded at all and attracts all the explorers and solo travelers from in and around the world. Not only it attracts solo travelers but also families and romantic couples. Camping spaces are loads on this beach.

You can indulge in fishing and many more water sports will attract you. Edisto beach is surrounded by picturesque Oak trees. You can also visit the Botany Bay plantation, but make sure you visit this place when there is low tide.

The scenic beauty of this place is unexplainable, as you see the trees coming out of the ocean it is surely going to take your breath away for real! You will find yourself walking in the Atlantic ocean amidst the trees and you might even get to see Dolphins. Edisto Beach is one of the top most favorite beaches to visit in South Carolina.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah IslandSource: Troy mckaskle/FlickrPin

Solitude is one of the factors people visit this beach. People traveling with families or people traveling alone, both are warmly welcomed by this gorgeous Island. This long beach stretches up to 10 long miles with beautiful grassy marshes filled with birds and clean silvery sand dunes.

Freshfields Village is a must visit when visiting Kiawah Island, it offers a various number of cuisines and is an excellent place to do some refreshing shopping. Knowing the Kiawah Island can only be done by getting a bit closer to the ocean, you can go Kayaking, Surfing or Paddle Boarding in this stunning place. You will get to see Dolphins in the wild, enjoying their freedom.

If you are keen about fishing Kiawah Island’s Saltfisher Charters is the best place for you, this place also offers an up-close view of the strange and beautiful marine life. You go fishing on a bot which can carry around six people, not only fishes there are beautiful birds as well for the nature enthusiast in you.

Coligny Beach

Coligny BeachSource: Mehlam/FlickrPin

Coligny Beach is huge and attracts a lot of people for its scenic beauty and cleanliness. This beach offers a number of amazing restaurants with very exciting shopping places in and around the place.

The sand is artistic and looks like delicate silk particles. Attracting a lot of pet lovers this beach is growing more and more popular because of its extreme pet-friendly nature. This beach has enormously beautiful sunsets.

There is an Art cafe in Coligny Beach where you can grab a bite of their delicious food and paint your heart out. There are swings located all over the beaches, it is an ideal getaway for people who want to take time off from the daily hustle bustle of their busy lives and relax their minds.

Seabrook Island

Seabrook IslandSource: discoverseabrookisland/FacebookPin

Seabrook Island in South Carolina is a 4-mile stretch beach with elegant white sand. Seabrook Island has indeed a lot to offer. There’s plenty of activities surrounding this Island not only for adults but also for kids. Seabrook Island beach is a paradise for golfers as there unique golf courses situated on the island.

Not only golfers, but tennis players are also attracted to this beach. You can even go for horseback rides on the beach. The horse rides on the beach gives you a feeling of belonging. The breeze in your hair makes you feel like a part of everywhere.

You can even go biking and take your whole family along with you, whether you are an explorer or a simply want to cruise along the beachside, Seabrook Island is the place for you. You can even opt for sports like Kayaking, Paddleboarding and you can go on exploring the Tidal Creeks, Atlantic Oceans, Salty marshlands, and rivers. Nearby there is Freshfields Village which you can go and explore for your shopping needs. Seabrook Island is a treat for every individual, seeking time to relax.

Isle of Palms

Isle of PalmsSource: Dania/FlickrPin

Besieged by water this Island which fronts the Atlantic Ocean is a Barrier Island and has a lot to offer with its marshlands and extraordinary wildlife. There are many adventurous activities which this beach offers, like Paragliding, Sea surfing, Jet Skiing you can also enjoy with your group of friends and go on a banana boat ride.

It sure is going to a fun and frolic experience with all these activities surrounding you. You can even rent a boat and go on traversing along the Bayside of this Island. You can go on ideal seaside picnics on Isle of Palms County Park, this park is located close to the beach.

It has an extremely scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean with an area for swimming. You can enjoy the sunsets while lying on your back or maybe taking a dip inside the gigantic and stunning ocean. For fishing enthusiasts, this is a perfect place as it has open waters and allows you to fish your fill. Isle of Palms as the name suggests is filled with tall Palm trees and is extremely appealing to nature lovers.

Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State ParkSource: Eric Bouly/FlickrPin

Huntington Beach State Park is one of the most visited beaches by families in the states. This place offers an extremely unique hiking trail, which is a 2 mile trail known as the Sandpiper Pond Trail. You can go bird-watching, hiking, fishing and much more.

You can even swim across the Atlantic ocean here, Huntington Beach has official lifeguards all over the beach during summers. You can go Kayaking over salty marshlands, Geocaching is one of the most interesting things to do in this island, you can go on with your GPS and in no time you can be an expert in Geocaching. Huntington Beach is a pristine beach with a lot to offer to us.

There are many other beaches, they might not be as good as these 10 beaches but they have an identity of their own such as;

Murrells Inlet

Murrells InletSource: MarshWalkMIPin

Murrells Inlet is a beach having a primitive and historical fishing place nearby, it also offers many new and exciting events and functions throughout the year.

Burkes Beach

Burkes BeachSource: Jim Crotty/FlickrPin

Burkes Beach is located near the Hilton Head Island. If you are visiting Hilton Head Island this beach beach is just a few miles away and you can cycle your way to the beach. It offers extreme tranquility and peace.

Mitchellville Beach Park

Mitchellville Beach ParkSource: Mitchellville Beach/FacebookPin

Mitchelville Beach Park is also located near Hilton Head Island. It offers beautiful soft and delicate sand and is extremely ideal for children.

Litchfield Beach

Litchfield BeachSource: LitchfieldBeachSC/FacebookPin

Litchfield Beach is beach if you are seeking isolation from the overcrowded beaches as it is pristine and quiet. It is extremely close to Myrtle Beach. This Beach stays lonely even during the summers.

Cherry Grove Beach

Cherry Grove BeachSource: Wes Baker/FlickrPin

Cherry Grove Beach is a small island but offers a lot of interesting places to visit. The most interesting thing to do is fishing and golfing.

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