15 Best Things to Do in Lexington NC

Lexington, NC is a city that’s on the rise, developing into a residential community for bigger cities like Winston-Salem.

And it seems like recreation was pretty high up on the list of things to develop in the town!

It was incorporated in 1828, so there’s a great deal of history here, and the city has developed its own culture over the centuries.

It’s called the “Barbecue Capital of the World” and has developed its own “Lexington Barbecue Sandwich”, which means that you’re sure to find some delicious new food when you visit.

But food isn’t the only thing that Lexington has to offer! Here are things to do in Lexington, NC.

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Beck’s Reformed Church

Beck’s Reformed ChurchSource: Wikimedia.org/Bobbywomble | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

If you’re looking for something to scratch your history buff itch, Beck’s Reformed Church is a good place to do it.

It’s one of the oldest German Reformed Churches in Davidson County, with deeds and other records going all the way back to 1770, and it officially began in 1787.

Before its official beginnings, it was likely an idyllic log church. It’s now a non-affiliated and independent church.

The congregation in America was founded because people left Germany because they were facing religious persecution and founded the Beck’s Reformed Church here.

Because it’s a church, you should exercise proper respect when visiting, and you can check out their events calendar to find dates and times you’d like to visit.

Address: 2845 Becks Church Rd, Lexington, NC 27292, United States

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Mid-Ohio Sports Car CourseSource: Flickr.com/Todd Fowler | CC BY-SA 2.0 GenericPin

Racing fans and car enthusiasts alike will drool over the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course!

This 330 acre property can be transformed into either a 2.4-mile, 15 turn track layout, or a layout that’s 2.258 miles and has 13 turns. If that sounds difficult, that’s because it is!

This course is frequently called the “Most Competitive in the U.S.”.

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, the course was owned by the legendary Trueman family, and Jim Trueman (a famous road racer) himself.

There are loads of local and national races that take place here, including one round of the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

You can check out the calendar and buy tickets here.

Address: 7721 Steam Corners Rd, Lexington, OH 44904, United States

Grimes Park

Grimes ParkSource: Wikimedia.org/Kenneth C. Zirkel | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

Need a place to let the kids burn off some excess energy, or a safe place to go for a walk in peace?

Grimes Park has you covered.

There’s a big open field area for kids to run around in, or to play sports in, a tennis court, a nice playground (with equipment that’s been built in this century and is obviously well maintained), a nice gazebo that’s worth checking out if you visit, and a half-mile paved walking track.

The track is easy in terms of difficulty, and you’ll likely meet some friendly faces along the way.

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Address: 25 Hege Dr, Lexington, NC 27292, United States

Childress Vineyards

Childress VineyardsSource: Flickr.com/Staten Island Kar Klub (S.I.K) | Public Domain Mark 1.0Pin

If you’ve got a NASCAR fan or a wine lover in your group, then Childress Vineyards is a venue that will please everybody!

As the name implies, the vineyards are owned by legendary former NASCAR driver, Richard Childress.

Childress Vineyards is one of the nicest tasting rooms in the country, and it has an expansive selection of wines to sample.

It features tastings, vineyard tours and even a bistro. And they’ve partnered with the Holiday Inn Express, which is adjacent to the Vineyards, for convenient accommodations.

Visit their website to plan a visit.

Address: 1000 Childress Vineyards Rd, Lexington, NC 27295, United States

Davidson County Historical Museum

The Davidson County Historical Museum is housed in what used to be the Old Davidson County Courthouse from back in 1858.

There are tons of interesting artifacts here.

For instance, the whole second-floor courtroom still stands and it has the jury box, judge’s bench, and a holding cage for prisoners.

The best part about the Davidson County Historical Museum?

You can take in all of its historical importance for free!

Address: 2 S Main St, Lexington, NC 27292, United States

Erlanger Mill Village Historic District

Erlanger Mill Village Historic DistrictSource: Wikimedia.org/Kenneth C. Zirkel | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

A visit to the Erlanger Mill Village Historic District is like stepping back in time.

There are 282 buildings and structures associated with this residential section, which was once a mill town.

The whole district was built by landscape architect, Earle Sumner Draper, and the mill comprises a series of 1-2 story buildings that were constructed from 1913 all the way to the 1960’s.

Besides residential buildings, there is also the Erlanger Baptist Church (built in 1936) and the Erlanger Graded School (built around 1920).

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Uptown Lexington

Uptown Lexington IncSource: Wikimedia.org/Dennis Brown | CC BY 3.0 UnportedPin

For a shopping spree full of unique items and stores, visit Uptown Lexington.

There are more than 190 different businesses, including retail, service, community resources and professional businesses located in one area of the city.

You can enjoy entertaining shopping experiences at Encore Kids Consignment, House of Cars Carolina, Lexington Souvenir Shoppe, Pig City Books, SML Retro Gaming and more.

There’s also a ton of restaurants, like Black Chicken Coffeehouse and Gifts, Shoto Japanese Jimmy’s Bar, Sinfully Delicious Custom Bakery, Village Grill and Yummy Botana Ice Cream.

Check their official website.

Bob Timberlake Gallery

Bob Timberlake GallerySource: wikimedia.org/Dennis Brown | CC BY-SA 3.0 UnportedPin

Budding artists and fans of renowned artist and realist painter, Bob Timberlake, will find the Bob Timberlake Gallery interesting.

It’s not just a gallery, but also a museum and retail store, as well. You can view his artwork, as well as some of his home furnishings and accessories.

Be sure to remember that if you want to take pictures of the gallery, you may be asked to be careful not to directly photograph the artwork because photographs can damage them.

Address: 1714 E Center St Ext, Lexington, NC 27292, United States

Lexington Barbecue Festival

Lexington Barbecue FestivalSource: Wikimedia.org/Dennis Brown | CC BY 3.0 UnportedPin

When it comes to Lexington, the one thing you don’t want to miss is the Lexington Barbecue Festival.

It’s held every year in uptown Lexington, and it features more than 20 different local restaurants all featuring savory barbecue dishes, as well as other food vendors from around the country, and hundreds of other vendors.

If you’re questioning whether this would be fun, let me answer that for you.

It’s one of the most popular food festivals in the nation, with hundreds of thousands in attendance each year and tens of thousands of pounds of meat cooked.

It’s been listed in the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die, and I thoroughly agree. Once you’ve pigged out for the day, be sure to check out the Pigs in the City art installation.

You can find the fiberglass pigs that have been decorated by local artists along uptown Lexington.

You can check upcoming date here.

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Arts Davidson County

Arts Davidson CountySource: Wikimedia.org/Dennis Brown | CC BY 3.0 UnportedPin

If you’re local and looking for a way to inject some culture into your life or to expose your family to more art, you should definitely visit Arts Davidson County.

It’s a non-profit organization that’s made it their mission to increase the access that people in the county have to the arts.

They put on concerts, provide subgrants for community art programs, as well as scholarships, put out community art newsletters, and more.

They have a student art exhibit, and various classes and workshops you can attend.

Address: 202 N Main St, Lexington, NC 27292, United States

The Candy Factory

The Candy FactorySource: Unsplash.com/Vinicius "amnx" Amano (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Want a taste of nostalgia? Head to The Candy Factory!

Its red-and-white awning outside sets the scene for the old-timey candy store interior.

You can find all sorts of old-fashioned candies and novelties here, from wax lips to candy cigarettes and everything in between. T

here are jars and bushel baskets and tall shelves, all stacked with candy, as well as gifts, novelty items, toys and stuffed animals.

Can’t have (or don’t want) sugar? No problem.

They have sugar-free options available, too! Definitely don’t leave the store without getting your hands on some of their freshly-made fudge!

Address: 15 N Main St, Lexington, NC 27292, United States

High Rock Lake

High Rock LakeSource: Wikimedia.org/Pharmboy | CC BY 2.5 GenericPin

High Rock Lake was created in 1929, and it’s the second-largest lake in the state besides Lake Norman.

It covers 15,180 acres and has 365 miles of shore.

It gets its name from the High Rock Mountain nearby and it’s been made into a reservoir for generating hydroelectric power.

It’s an excellent place for both boating and fishing. In fact, you can find crappie, bream, striper, bass and catfish here.

Lexington Barbecue

Lexington BarbecueSource: Wikimedia.org/Dennis Brown | CC BY 3.0 UnportedPin

Lexington Barbecue #1 is THE definitive barbecue restaurant in the city, which is saying a lot in the “Barbecue Capital of the World”!

Locals call it “Monk’s Place”, which refers to the restaurant’s founder, Wayne “Honey” Monk, and it looks like a barn with rows of smokers behind it that waft heavenly scents.

Try a chopped BBQ sandwich with slaw, or a sliced BBQ plate.

And if you fall in love with their BBQ sauce, the good news is that you can buy it by the bottle to take home and experience some Lexington Barbecue in your neck of the woods!

Address: 100 Smokehouse Ln, Lexington, NC 27295, United States

Goose and the Monkey Brew House

Source: Unsplash.com/Meritt Thomas (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Goose and the Monkey Brew House is not only a great place to go to enjoy a great beer, it’s also a good place to unwind or to socialize.

It’s got a tasting room, an open area for socialization, and outside seating.

Not only do they offer a wide variety of craft beers that are brewed in Lexington, they also serve local wine, sparkling wines, and an espresso bar that’s open all the way until closing time.

They’ve also partnered with The Perfect Blends Coffee Co, which means that not only do they have amazing beans in-house, they use them in some of their beers.

Try a Fire Door Irish “Coffee” Red, Mad Monkey, The Miranda Effect, or the Fall-elujah.

Address: 401 S Railroad St, Lexington, NC 27292, United States

Richard Childress Racing

The Richard Childress Racing team is one of the most decorated in all of racing history.

They’ve won 17 championships, and won more than 200 races in NASCAR’s biggest series. They actually made history when they won races in all 3 NASCAR series championships.

At the Richard Childress Racing campus, there are 17 buildings with more than 400 team members.

They build race cars there using the latest racing technology. You can visit the Richard Childress Racing Museum, which trust me, is a bucket-list event for any NASCAR fan.

When I visited with my dad, who was the biggest NASCAR fan ever, there was a lot to do.

You could watch videos about the team, their victories, etc., there were photo opportunities next to cars (one of his favorite pictures was next to one) and a whole gift shop full of NASCAR and RCR memorabilia.

Address: 425 Industrial Dr, Welcome, NC 27295, United States


Lexington, North Carolina is an interesting place with a lot of history, and even more interesting attractions and events!

Whether you’re looking for culture, art, history, a bustling shopping district, a delicious brew, good eats, or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s something in Lexington for you!

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