15 Best Things to Do in Wilson NC

Wilson, North Carolina is just a stone’s throw away from Raleigh and the town is fulfilled all year round.

One of its biggest parks Whirligig Park brings so many visitors from all over with a whole lot of fun activities to do.

It should be on every traveler’s bucket list of places to visit in the United States of America to see and learn about the city’s rich tobacco history, kinetic art park, elegant buildings, the culture of the people, museums, park trails, and so much more.

Below are our best things to do in Wilson whenever you find yourself in this town just set off and explore.

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Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

Vollis Simpson Whirligig ParkSource: Wikimedia/Beyond My Ken | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park is one of the best places to be as a family in Wilson.

Named after the famous Vollis Simpson who was a very productive artist who specialized in the creation of kinetic sculptures (whirligigs).

He created sculptures using study materials such as metals and so on to spin, whirl, and move as they catch the wind.

Being a farm equipment serviceman gave Vollis the skill to craft whirligigs with odd designs that were also captivating.

Today, the park has hosted many public events such as the famous 1996 Olympic Games public art which makes it a major attraction to see.

Address: 301 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Imagination Station Science & History Museum

Imagination Station Science & History MuseumSource: Wikimedia/DanTD | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

Another amazing place for families to explore and enjoy their vacation in Wilson is the Imagination Station Science & History Museum with a lot of wonders to see and learn.

The museum was created in 1989 and is located within the once US post office and courthouse back in the day.

Today, the experiment and historical programs area known as the “Science Courtroom” in the building used to be a real courtroom remodelled for learning.

Other rooms have also been repurposed with collections exhibiting science and history on many topics which include Spanish Flu materials, light and shadow exhibits, Herpeterium, and so much more.

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Address: 224 Nash St, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Wilson Botanical Gardens

Wilson Botanical GardensSource: Wikimedia/Melburnian | CC BY-SA 3.0 UnportedPin

The Wilson Botanical Garden is a beauty to behold with waterfronts and green vegetation designed to give travelers and visitors the experience of a lifetime.

The garden has a collection of different species and types of plants that can be used for landscaping both in the office and in homes.

Medicinal plants, ornamental grasses, turfgrass, daylilies, herbal, hosta, and beautiful flowers can all be found here.

There is a section of the garden dedicated to kids known as the “sweet garden section.” It includes interesting activities for kids which ranges from sighting to games.

Address: 1806 Goldsboro St S SW, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

NC Baseball Museum

NC Baseball MuseumSource: Wikimedia/Ecupirate99 | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

With a thriving culture in sports, Wilson shows how it has contributed to the community, particularly in the development of ballparks, and athletic facilities.

The NC Baseball Museum is one significant piece of evidence that the city is strong when it comes to sports.

Located in the Fleming Stadium, a historic attraction since 1939 and home to the Wilson Tobs baseball team.

The museum showcases knowledge about the game and exhibits artefacts such as bats, uniforms, and balls, used by legends from North Carolina like Hoyt Wilheim, Luke Appling, Buck Leonard, and other Negro Major Baseball League players.

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Address: 300 Stadium St SW, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Lake Wilson

Lake WilsonSource: Wikimedia/Kevstan | CC BY-SA 3.0 UnportedPin

Lake Wilson is one place where visitors can relax without the crowds at the other lakes. It is located on the northern edge of the city and major calm attraction.

It is a reservoir made just after a dam was built out of the small river “Toisnot Swamp.”

The lake is a great place for lovers of nature and one of the most untroubled locations in the city, with crisscrossing trails and thick forests.

The trails wind through the forest with wildlife such as birds, rare river otters, and insects to see.

A wooden bridge allows visitors to walk to the centre of the lake with magnificent views for photo lovers of the gram. Other activities include canoeing, kayaking, and boating from the shores.

Barton College

Barton CollegeSource: Wikimedia/Thom Devereux | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

The famous Barton College houses about 1,000 students and offers national programs in education, nursing, and social work.

It is one of the major attractions in the city today and boasts an athletic pitch, a theatre covering around 65 acres, a soccer field, and more.

Today, the college hosts many world-class and award-winning performances all year-round including concerts by international performers, musicals, and more.

It is accessible to anyone and the big theatre can also be explored by students and non-students, and individuals as well.

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Address: 400 Atlantic Christian College Dr NE, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Wilson County Public Library

Wilson County Public LibrarySource: Wikimedia/Ildar Sagdejev | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

The Wilson County Public Library is the main place to visit to learn about a lot of history and topics around different areas of life.

The main library is located in Wilson Country, North Carolina, with 5 other branches. It offers numerous books, programs, and materials for teens, children, and adults to study.

Other services include computer classes, events, genealogical services and resources, and more.

The library offers free entry cards to U.S. residents, free access to computers, free WiFi, and printing services.

Its focus lies on strengthening the community through knowledge, creativity, economic self-reliance, and cultural expression, to bring out the best in the people.

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Address: 249 Nash St N, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Wilson Rose Garden

Wilson Rose GardenSource: Unsplash/Franco Gancis (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

The Wilson Rose Garden is another historic sight to behold, made out of beautiful rose flower formations.

The garden has over 1,000 plants and more than 180 species all through the garden.

Visitors are allowed to come and discover the various rose species that are not common to the public such as the hybrid roses, miniature roses, and climbing roses.

The garden also serves as a research centre for these plants with amazing scenes for pictures which is best to visit from May through October.

Address: 1800 Herring Ave E, Wilson, NC 27893, United States


BrewmastersSource: Unsplash/Josh Olalde (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Beer lovers are not left out on this list especially travellers who would like to sit out and relax over some drinks.

Brewmasters launched back in 2013 and have become an integral part of the Wilson Community by putting family values above everything else.

There are a great number of beers, ciders, and amazing food to feast on while exploring the town.

Some of the people’s favorite’s include the Smoke Wagon and Wilsonian sandwiches.

With over 22 craft beers and 2 wines including the various other beers and wines, this is a must-see.

Address: 2117 Forest Hills Rd W, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

The Spa at 1010 Nash

The Spa at 1010 NashSource: Unsplash/Alan Caishan (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

The Spa at 1010 Nash is another exciting activity to do in Wilson for visitors who want to relax, rejuvenate, and revitalize the body.

Opened in 2007, the spa is a great place that serves the Wilson community with self-love care and an escape from life stress.

They offer services such as facials, microcurrent, eye services, waxing, massage, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, salon, and special spa packages.

Address: 1010 Nash St N, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Deans Farm Market

Deans Farm MarketSource: Unsplash/Iñigo De la Maza (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Engage in the abundant harvests that are gotten from the lands around Wilson at the Dean’s Farm Market.

It is a top destination with a lot of fresh farm produce to buy from local gardeners and farmers.

Established in 1965, the market has partnered with many generations of Wilson’s growers for steady high-quality produce supplies.

There are many fruit cultivars, seasonal vegetables, and root crops, as well as canned goods, home apparel made by locals, and southern home décor items.

The market also has local chefs that can fix up tasty meals using this produce for a great experience.

Address: 7732 4231, 4231 NC-42, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Wedgewood Public Golf Course

Wedgewood Public Golf CourseSource: Unsplash/Robert Ruggiero (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Get some exciting experience at the reputable Wedgewood Public Golf Course.

For visitors in Wilson or those planning a trip, this should be on the bucket list for things to do.

It is a historic golf course located in the heart of the city close to the old Stantonburg Road which connects Wilson County and Wilson City.

The golf course features an 18-hole layout that throws a challenge to golfers, a concession stand, a picnic area, a golf lesson for beginners, and a playground for visitors.

There’s also a green field in the Centre for other recreational activities and sports for nongolfers.

Address: 3201 Stantonsburg Rd SE, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Westview Lanes

Westview LanesSource: Unsplash/ Engin Akyurt (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Westview Lane is one of the best things to do in Wilson for fun, and the experience is exhilarating.

This bowling alley is filled with ball-rolling and fist-pumping fun which can be enjoyed by family and friends.

It is famous for hosting bowling league tournaments, bowling events like the glow bowl which holds every Friday and Saturday nights, special fundraisers, and so much more.

Other amenities include grill spots with pizza, salads, burgers, and 6 different tap beers. It is open to anyone daily all year-round.

Address: 1700 Ward Blvd, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Wiggins Mill Reservoir – Wilson, NC

Wiggins Mill Reservoir - Wilson NCSource: Flickr/3twenty6 | CC BY-SA 2.0 GenericPin

For travellers who love fishing and the outdoors, the Wiggins Mill Reservoir in Wilson, North Carolina is a game changer.

This reservoir is located in Wilson County just 2.9 miles from Wilson City.

There are various types of fish such as catfish and bream/bluegill for fishermen or those who fish for fun.

The reservoir is also known as Wiggins Millpond and there are fishing rules, licenses, and regulations.

Other amenities the reservoir offers include Bathrooms, Boating, Duck Hunting, Fishing, Paddle, and Shelters.

Address: 3010 US-301, Wilson, NC 27893, United States

Wilson Arts Center

Wilson Arts CenterSource: Wikimedia/David Adam Kess | CC BY-SA 4.0 InternationalPin

The Wilson Arts Center is considered the centre of visual arts in the city with a large facility that welcomes the community to appreciate artworks by locals and international artists.

This is another favourite venue for performance art, a few plays, dance recitals for stage performances and live musical concerts.

The centre is open to visitors on regular days to see exhibitions and pieces created by local artists.

There are rotating exhibitions that showcase amazing paintings, sculptures, sketches, and other works.

It is a great place to add to that bucket list of things to do in Wilson North Carolina.

Address: 204 Nash St S, Wilson, NC 27893, United States


Wilson may not be as big as other cities in North Carolina surrounding it such as Raleigh and Greensville, but the city has a lot to offer visitors enough to keep everyone busy and excited.

From its many beautiful parks and gardens to the food and farmers market to the chilling Whirligigs and art centres, it surely will give any tourist the vibe and knowledge of the people, place and culture.

It is a perfect blend of nature, creativity, and modern ingenuity. Ensure to add these activities to your list of things to do in Wilson and begin your journey.

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