10 Best Things to Do in Davidson NC

Davidson is a small charming town nestled in the northern regions of Mecklenburg and Iredell counties on the banks of Lake Norman in North Carolina.

The town of Davidson is a suburb of the Charlotte metropolitan region, and it was established back in 1837.

Its name pays homage to the valiant Brigadier General William Lee Davidson, a celebrated hero during the Revolutionary War, is who Davidson is named for. 

With a vibrant feel and exciting activities, the town is filled with amazing shops, scenic views of the shoreline, and a vast majority of green spaces for hosting events, picnics and so much more.

A visit to this small town is a learning experience unto itself as it lets visitors enjoy horse rides, live theater performances, and learning about the history of the people and culture.

Speaking of learning experiences Davidson College is one exciting place visitors must see and learn about the legacy of the town. 

Here are the Best Things to Do In Davidson, NC.

Lake Norman Davidson NC

Lake Norman Davidson NCSource: Wikipedia.org/Prince Grobhelm | CC BY-SA 3.0 UnportedPin

Lake Norman is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Davidson. It is blessed with so many beautiful things to see and lots of water activities to enjoy.

Located just one mile away from Davidsons’ downtown area, the lake’s water is supplied by the Catawba River and features more than 500 miles of beautiful shorelines.

The name Lake Norman was inspired by former Duke Power president Norman Atwater Cocke, and it is the largest artificial lake in both North and South Carolina.

Built in the ’60s as a hydroelectric plant, it is still in use and serving the people.Visitors get to enjoy jet skiing, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and cycle boating.

You can also treat yourself on the Queen’s Landing Dinner Cruise for some amazing food and drinks while watching the sunset and stars.

Address: Lake Norman, North Carolina, USA

Davidson College

Davidson CollegeSource: Wikipedia.org/Dacoslett | Public Domain Mark 1.0Pin

A visit to the 665-acre Davidson College will leave anyone stunned by its architectural style, green areas, theater and many more architectural feats.

The college hosts about 1,900 students from all over the country with an international student rate of 11%.

The college began in 1837 as a manual training intuition for male preachers by the Presbyterian Church of Concord.

Today, it is one of the best liberal arts colleges in America with many popular graduates such as Stephen Curry, the Golden Gate Warriors star and many more.

The beautiful campus hosts sporting events, arts & theater events, and more, and it has a magnificent sculpture on display in the open art gallery as you tour the campus.

Address: 405 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28035, United States

Explore Downtown Davidson

Explore Downtown DavidsonSource: Wikimedia.org/Cscdavidson | CC BY-SA 3.0 UnportedPin

The Downtown area of Davidson features exciting activities such as exclusive shopping and dining.

A visit to Downtown Davidson puts  the charm of the town in the spotlight in a pleasant way as you take a walk along the sidewalks with beautiful flower displays.

Enjoy the small-town vibe  as you visit some of the popular restaurants such as the Tour De Food or unique shops like the Village Store or visit to Davidson Farmers Market or enjoy a spooky time out with the crew on a Davidson Ghost Walking tour.

There is always something in the downtown area to explore.

Address: Davidson, North Carolina, USA

Escape 109

Escape 109Source: Depositphotos.com/Vaicheslav (Representative Image)Pin

If you love puzzles and the thrill of escape room fun, then this  attraction is a must-try in Davidson.

The Escape 109 is an awesome fun activity that allows you to think outside the box on a mission to escape the room before your time runs out.

This is a fun game to play with family, friends, co-workers and so on. It is located in Downtown Davidson and is a must for anyone visiting  the area.

Address: 109 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28036, United States

Our Town Cinemas Café & Taphouse

Our Town Cinemas Cafe - Taphouse Source: Unsplash.com/Kilyan Sockalingum (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Just a walking distance from Davidson College and Main Street Davidson,  Our Town Cinemas is located at the Sadler Square Shopping Center.

You can enjoy the hometown cinema experience as you watch art movies, first runs, and so many more in this four-screen movie cinema.

The place was designed to cater for everyone’s comfort with 240 leather seats that are adjustable and also bistro tables.

You can relax with some craft beers and wines, burgers, quesadillas, fresh hot pizzas, sandwiches, funnel cakes, and much more from the concession stands.

Address: 227 Griffith St, Davidson, NC 28036, United States

Davidson Farmer’s Market

Davidson Farmer's MarketSource: Unsplash.com/Peter Wendt (Representative Image) | Unsplash LicensePin

Take a walk to the Davidson Farmer’s Market on a Saturday and treat  yourself to a bit of domestic  adventure as you grab some home-grown produce and enjoy fun events and programs such as music, sales, and gardening tips from the Master Gardener himself.

As a tourist or resident, you get to enjoy locally sourced fresh farm produce to fix a nice meal for you and your family and friends.

You also get to buy other amazing items such as fish, hand-made soaps, freshly cooked foods and snacks, salsa, local honey, and more.

With over 40 vendors, no wonder it serves more than 1,300 people weekly. Check it out on your next visit to Davidson.

Address: 120 S Main St, Davidson, NC 28036, United States

John M. Belk Arena

John M. Belk ArenaSource: Wikipedia.org/ Ianmccor | Public Domain Mark 1.0Pin

The John M. Belk Arena is another wonderful attraction in Davidson with loads of excitement.

The arena plays host to loads of  sporting and entertainment events. It is the home to both the men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling and volleyball teams.

As a visitor who loves sports, take time out to visit this sports complex which has a capacity that quadruples that of Davidson College at 5,300 seats.

This arena was named in after John M. Belk who used to captain the Wildcats teams and was also a trustee of the Davidson College for over 15 years and the past Mayor of Charlotte.

Explore the John M. Belk Arena and learn more about its influence in Davidson.

Address: 200 Baker Dr, Davidson, NC 28035, United States

Davidson Community Players Performances

The Davidson Community Players, also known as DCP was founded by Constance Welsh, a playwright and Performer.

One of the original plays was written by her husband ,whose play was staged by a group of locals and college people who had a passion for theater in 1965.

The group used to play 1-to-2 plays in Hudson Hall every summer on Davidson’s College campus, but today there are more productions such as a Christmas show, a March performance, an adult production during fall, and 2 summer plays.

There are also 2 teen performances, 3 children’s shows, and many youth workshops and programs for educational purposes and future performers.

You can check the show’s date here: https://davidsoncommunityplayers.org/shows/

Address: 209 Delburg Street, Ste 132, Davidson, NC 28036

Duke Family Performance Hall

Duke Family Performance HallSource: Wikimedia/James Nash | CC BY-SA 3.0 UnportedPin

The Duke Family Performance Hall is another great place to enjoy great theater.

Davidson is known for its theater, and that’s a fact that’s bolstered by  it having Davidson College where arts and theater are taught.

The Duke Hall is known to host many events such as orchestras, classical music concerts, a cappella, play productions and music theater.

With a 600-seat capacity, this marvel is considered a cultural hub in Charlotte.t is wheelchair accessible for people with physical impairments.

Visit the hall on your next trip and see the place that played host to the Royal Shakespeare Society, one of Britain’s famous theater companies, and Chick Corea the legendary jazz pianist.

Address: 207 Faculty Dr, Davidson, NC 28036, United States

Roosevelt Wilson Park

A lot of the activities in Davidson encourage having fun in the outdoors, so this  place is another great outdoorsy thing to do in this small town.

The Roosevelt Wilson Park is an incredible attraction and it features a lot of activities for travelers and residents alike such as walking trails that are paved, picnic areas, boardwalks, water fountains, and public restrooms for convenience.

The large pond within the park and the bubbling water fountain make it an amazing place to visit for outdoor relaxation with friends and family.

Address: 420 Griffith St, Davidson, NC 28036, United States


Davidson may be a small suburban town in Charlotte but it has a large offering of tourist activities for anyone who visits the area.

With Davidson College situated in the town, it gives it that cultural touch with its many theater productions and performances.

A quick stop in Downtown Davidson will show you the different sides of the town with its wonderful restaurants, shops, and farmer’s market where you can purchase gifts and fresh homemade products.

Other notable places include Lake Norman where visitors can fish, boat, hike and picnic, the Roosevelt Wilson Park, and theaters. So, book your next trip to Davidson and explore the possibilities.

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