• Kristina Wyatt

    Travel Writer

    Kristina Wyatt has a passion for travel and writing that began in high school, when she freelanced for her local newspaper. Since then, she has expanded her skills and interests to include travel, real estate, and hospitality writing. She lives in Virginia with her fiancé and her adorable kitten Jupiter, who loves to tag along on her trips. Kristina is excited to launch her new website VoyagelyTravel, where she will share travel news and tips, as well as her own itineraries for various destinations. The website will be live after November 1, 2023, so stay tuned for some witty and wonderful travel stories from Kristina!

    • 🏠 Local to: Roanoke, VA
    • 📍 Favorite Destinations: Portland, Maine, OKC, and Boston
    • 🎓 Education: M.A. in Non-Formal Education

    Say Hello to Kristina Wyatt

    🌍 What's the Most Memorable Place You've Ever Visited?

    The OKC Bombing Memorial, it was a very somber, thought-provoking site.

    🚗 Road Trip or Flying? Which Do You Prefer?

    Definitely road trip! Especially in the fall or spring.

    🏝️ Beach Vacation or Adventure Travel: Which Type of Trip Do You Enjoy More?

    Beach Vacation! Virginia and Myrtle Beach are two of my favorite vaca spots.

    ⛺ Camping or Luxury Resort: Your Ideal Outdoor Experience?

    Luxury resort! I love getting pampered on vacation.

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